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Intellectual Property Lawyers

Tolar Harrigan & Morris LLC is a full-service law firm in New Orleans, Louisiana that handles a variety of legal matters on behalf of its clients. Though based in New Orleans, the firm routinely represents clients with respect to matters throughout the United States and before state and federal agencies and courts at every level, including the Louisiana Supreme Court, the United States Supreme Court, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and also before various arbitration and mediation forums. As U.S. patent and trademark attorneys, our attorneys have nearly seventy years of combined experience prosecuting, enforcing, and defending patents, trademarks, and copyrights. We also handle other legal matters including commercial transactions and litigation involving employment disputes, legal malpractice claims and defenses, and real estate, construction, insurance, and product liability claims and defenses.


The U.S. patent and trademark attorneys at Tolar Harrigan & Morris LLC provide a vast, comprehensive array of patent-related services, including drafting, filing, and prosecuting patent applications, performing patentability searches, rendering written legal patentability opinions, engaging in aggressive patent infringement litigation and handling matters before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. We have secured hundreds of patents on behalf of our clients across a wide range of technology areas, including mechanical and electrical devices, chemicals, software, and ornamental designs for articles of manufacture. Our attorneys also routinely negotiate and draft licensing agreements on behalf of our clients.


Your brand is the face of your business. At Tolar Harrigan & Morris, we work with companies and individuals throughout the United States to register and protect their trademarks, logos, and slogans. Furthermore, we have extensive experience litigating both ex parte appeals and inter partes proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. We have extensive knowledge of trademark law and U.S. Patent & Trademark Office procedures and will work with you on all of your trademark needs. We also assist clients with securing trademark (i.e., trade dress) protection for certain product designs as well recommending other alternative or supplemental intellectual property options that may also be available, such as design patenting or copyright. The U.S. patent & trademark attorneys at Tolar Harrigan & Morris represent clients in patent and trademark matters throughout the United States.


The New Orleans intellectual property lawyers at Tolar Harrigan & Morris have assisted authors, artists, musicians and others with protecting their creations by filing, defending, licensing and enforcing copyrights. We routinely file copyright applications and engage in copyright infringement litigation on behalf of our clients. Often, certain creations or inventions may be eligible for both copyright protection and another form of intellectual property protection. For example, works of art, if sufficiently creative, may be protected by copyright, and also by trademark if the artwork is used as a logo. Similarly, the source code of software is protectable by copyright while the software’s function and interactions with certain machines may be patentable. Furthermore, many three-dimensional creations may be subject to both copyright and design-patent protection. The New Orleans intellectual property attorneys at Tolar Harrigan & Morris have the experience to consult with clients to assure that all of the applicable forms of protection are obtained for a given conception.

Intellectual Property

Securing intellectual property protection for an invention, trademark or artistic creation is sometimes only half of the battle. Often a competitor brazenly pirates a successful new product, a popular brand name or original artistic expression in order to unfairly profit from an intellectual property owner’s success. If so, the intellectual property owner must pursue the infringer, usually in federal court, in order to recover monetary damages and to obtain a court order prohibiting the infringer from continuing the unlawful conduct. If so, the intellectual property owner must retain a law firm that is not only knowledgeable of intellectual property law, but which is also capable of handling complex cases in the federal court system. The New Orleans intellectual property attorneys at Tolar Harrigan & Morris have litigated numerous cases in various federal courts, many of which were tried to a jury. We have also handled appeals of such cases to various federal appellate courts, and have taken cases to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Commercial Litigation and Business Law

Tolar Harrigan & Morris’s commercial litigation and business law practice encompasses a broad range of business transactions and disputes. Our attorneys employ their extensive knowledge, skill, and experience to assess, advance, and defend the best interests of our clients, both individuals and business entities, in every respect. We have a winning track record structuring commercial transactions and resolving commercial disputes on behalf of our clients through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, trial, and appeal in state and federal courts, administrative agencies, and tribunals, and have achieved successful outcomes for our clients in transactions and disputes involving contract law, insurance law, intellectual property law, construction law, real estate and property law, legal malpractice law, and appellate law. And we do it all in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Employment Law

Our attorneys are experienced in a wide range of employment-related matters including workplace discrimination, wage-and-hour disputes under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), violations of the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”), violations of the Federal Railroad Safety Act (“FRSA”) and disputes arising under the Louisiana Wage Payment Act (“LWPA”). We routinely represent both employers and employees in a myriad of labor disputes in state and federal courts, at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) and at the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”). Although many states are right-to-work jurisdictions, meaning they can fire employees for basically any reason or for no reason at all as long as they don’t violate a federal or state law. Federal and most state labor laws protect employees from being terminated due to their race, age, gender, religion, ethnicity or disability, or in retaliation for an injury or a complaint filed against the employer.

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We represent clients throughout the United States and the world and offer a free initial telephone consultation. If you are looking for competent legal representation for your intellectual property, employment or business matters, please give us a call at (504) 571-5317 or contact us through our online form.

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Tolar Harrigan & Morris is one of the very best Attorney groups I have worked with in the last 25 years. Smart and very responsive... John G.
Compassionate - not an attribute I would have originally associated with a law firm. Tolar, Harrigan, & Morris was that and much more. From the first point of contact, it was apparent that this team was not only highly competent in their craft, but also genuine and determined to produce positive results. I have said it many times and will continue to say that if we would have chosen another firm, our results would have been much different. With an over-the-top work ethic, it is no surprise that we prevailed. My family and I could not have asked for a better equipped firm and are very happy with the results. Sherie N.
I want to leave a review for Tolar Harrigan & Morris LLC. My partner and I came to them after a lot of research on who to proceed with regarding our Patent. Not only did Kenneth Tolar assist us with successfully filing our Patent. But in addition, he helped us secure even more protection on our patent with additional features + more. His professionalism, recommendations, attitude, work ethic, communication and experience in his field is REMARKABLE. Jay K.
I’ve used this office for many years now and have a great relationship. They are honest and very effective in this field. This office is my “Go To” for ALL my patents and trademark needs. Call them today and see what I’m talking about. Ask for Ken. Ray A.
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