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Commercial Litigation and Business Law

Tolar Harrigan & Morris’s commercial litigation and business law practice encompasses a broad range of business transactions and disputes. Our attorneys employ their extensive knowledge, skill, and experience to assess, advance, and defend the best interests of our clients, both individuals and business entities, in every respect. We have a winning track record structuring commercial transactions and resolving commercial disputes on behalf of our clients through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, trial, and appeal in state and federal courts, administrative agencies, and tribunals, and have achieved successful outcomes for our clients in transactions and disputes involving contract law, insurance law, intellectual property law, construction law, real estate and property law, legal malpractice law, and appellate law. And we do it all in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Examples of business transactions the firm handles include negotiation and drafting of construction contracts, real estate purchase agreements and acts of sale, promissory notes, mortgages, leases, employment contracts, patent, trademark, and copyright applications, licenses, and assignments, trademark coexistence agreements, receipt, release, and indemnity agreements, partnership agreements, articles of incorporation, and operating agreements. Simply put, if a client needs to memorialize the terms of a business transaction or relationship with another party or parties, Tolar Harrigan & Morris will craft the necessary documents to achieve the client’s objectives competently and efficiently. We recognize that a properly drafted contract or other document is essential to prevent disputes and litigation from arising in the first place.

When litigation or other dispute resolution procedures becomes necessary, we’re prepared for that too. Examples of commercial disputes the firm handles include prosecution and defense of claims for breach of contract, insurance coverage under liability, errors and omissions, property, life, health, and automobile policies, patent, trademark, and copyright infringement, unfair competition, unfair trade practices, misappropriation of trade secrets, civil RICO, breach of fiduciary duties, construction defects and nonperformance, discrimination, breach of warranty, products liability, personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, violations of constitutional rights, administrative agency review, debt collection, wages and overtime, injunctive relief, defamation, fraud, and negligence. When a conflict arises between our client and another party or parties whether big or small, government or private, we fight to achieve the best conceivable outcome for our client using all available legal means.

We generally handle business transactions on an hourly or flat fee basis. In cases involving litigation, we represent clients using a variety of fee arrangements, including hourly, fixed, fixed with bonuses, contingent, and hybrid hourly, fixed, and contingent fee arrangements. In all cases, we place the interests of our clients first and keep them sufficiently informed to participate intelligently in decisions concerning the objectives of the representation and the means by which those objectives are to be pursued and achieved.

While the lawyers at Tolar Harrigan & Morris have successfully handled a wide variety of business transactions and commercial disputes on behalf of our clients, we don’t pretend to practice in all conceivable areas of the law. But we want you to call us first, and if we’re not the right firm to handle a particular matter, we’ll tell you so and help you find the firm that is. So if you’re in need of legal services and representation, please call for your free phone consultation today.

Client Reviews
Tolar Harrigan & Morris is one of the very best Attorney groups I have worked with in the last 25 years. Smart and very responsive.. John G.
Compassionate - not an attribute I would have originally associated with a law firm. Tolar, Harrigan, & Morris was that and much more. From the first point of contact, it was apparent that this team was not only highly competent in their craft, but also genuine and determined to produce positive results. I have said it many times and will continue to say that if we would have chosen another firm, our results would have been much different. With an over-the-top work ethic, it is no surprise that we prevailed. My family and I could not have asked for a better equipped firm and are very happy with the results. Sherie N.
I want to leave a review for Tolar Harrigan & Morris LLC. My partner and I came to them after a lot of research on who to proceed with regarding our Patent. Not only did Kenneth Tolar assist us with successfully filing our Patent. But in addition, he helped us secure even more protection on our patent with additional features + more. His professionalism, recommendations, attitude, work ethic, communication and experience in his field is REMARKABLE. Jay K.
I’ve used this office for many years now and have a great relationship. They are honest and very effective in this field. This office is my “Go To” for ALL my patents and trademark needs. Call them today and see what I’m talking about. Ask for Ken. Ray A.