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Trademark Services

Your brand is the face of your business and your trademarks define you to customers. As your brand grows in the marketplace, so does the likelihood that someone will attempt to use your trademark for their own profit. This is why trademark protection is essential for your business.

At Tolar Harrigan & Morris, we know the importance of trademark protection. We work with companies and individuals all over the United States to register and protect their trademarks, logos, and slogans. We have extensive knowledge of trademark law and procedures and will work with you on all of your trademark needs. Our attorneys combine this knowledge in trademark law with litigation expertise to help protect your business and its brands, as well as defend you from overly aggressive competitors.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is any symbol, word, phrase, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of one party’s goods from those of another. Relatedly, a service mark is any such designation used to differentiate the source of a party’s services. Trademark rights in the United States are based on use, not registration. However, registration confers key benefits, including exclusive rights to the mark within a territory. At Tolar Harrigan & Morris, we can work to protect your mark at either the federal or state level, depending on the scope and level of protection you desire for your mark.

Flat-Fee Trademark Applications

We are pleased to offer one flat-fee rate to file and monitor trademark applications. Our flat-fee trademark applications help provide peace of mind by giving you a clear understanding of the costs and fees associated with filing your trademark application.

Office Action Responses

If your trademark has been rejected by the Patent & Trademark Office, we can help you to overcome the objection. We respond to routine or non-substantive Office Actions from the Patent & Trademark Office as part of our flat-fee trademark application services. Should you need us to respond to substantive Office Actions, such as likelihood of confusion refusals, we will discuss your options with you and work within your budget to help resolve the refusal.

Trademark Opinions

Using proprietary search software to conduct comprehensive trademark searches, we can help identify potential trademark conflicts before they escalate to costly litigation. Identifying these conflicts early can help you to avoid the potentially devastating effects of having to re-brand your business after already investing time and resources into marketing your trademark.

Foreign Trademark Prosecution

Working through international trademark treaties or with trademark practitioners in other countries, we can help obtain trademark protection for your mark throughout the world. Obtaining international protection for your brand is crucial in today’s face-moving, global marketplace. The importance of international protection is further necessitated by the fact that some countries allow applicants to secure rights to a mark merely by filing an application. For this reason, unscrupulous actors will monitor U.S. trademarks and businesses in order to file foreign applications to thwart the international expansion of those businesses.

Trademark Portfolio and Brand Management

From single trademarks to portfolios of thousands of marks, we can help you manage and monitor important deadlines both domestically and internationally for your trademarks.

Trademark Litigation and Enforcement

Another company’s use of your trademark can irreparably tarnish your brand and lead to lost profits. We handle all aspects of trademark litigation to help stop infringement, from preliminary injunction hearings through the trial and appeal process. Moreover, if your business is falsely accused of infringement, we can help you to mount a vigorous and cost-effective defense. We work with clients in state and federal law suits in numerous jurisdictions concerning the unauthorized use of intellectual property rights.

Client Reviews
Tolar Harrigan & Morris is one of the very best Attorney groups I have worked with in the last 25 years. Smart and very responsive.. John G.
Compassionate - not an attribute I would have originally associated with a law firm. Tolar, Harrigan, & Morris was that and much more. From the first point of contact, it was apparent that this team was not only highly competent in their craft, but also genuine and determined to produce positive results. I have said it many times and will continue to say that if we would have chosen another firm, our results would have been much different. With an over-the-top work ethic, it is no surprise that we prevailed. My family and I could not have asked for a better equipped firm and are very happy with the results. Sherie N.
I want to leave a review for Tolar Harrigan & Morris LLC. My partner and I came to them after a lot of research on who to proceed with regarding our Patent. Not only did Kenneth Tolar assist us with successfully filing our Patent. But in addition, he helped us secure even more protection on our patent with additional features + more. His professionalism, recommendations, attitude, work ethic, communication and experience in his field is REMARKABLE. Jay K.
I’ve used this office for many years now and have a great relationship. They are honest and very effective in this field. This office is my “Go To” for ALL my patents and trademark needs. Call them today and see what I’m talking about. Ask for Ken. Ray A.